Hypertherm Powermax consumable kits


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Genuine Hypertherm

wear parts

You can cut with confidence, knowing that Hypertherm will support your business with quality parts. When purchasing consumables for your Powermax® machine, look out for the easy-to-understand, color-coded system that is on the packaging and organized by burner series. Here you can find the correct wearing parts for your
manual or mechanized Powermax torch.

Wear parts sets

• With the practical wear part sets you can experience the versatility of the Powermax plasma devices conveniently first hand.
• FineCut® sets - Offer wear parts that are used for high-quality cuts in thin Metal with narrow kerfs and practically beard-free cutting have been optimized.
• All-in-one sets - are offered for the various burner series and offer a selection of wear parts for cutting and gouging. < br data-mce-fragment = "1"> • Large pack sets - low-cost option if there is a particularly large need for certain wear parts.

Burner series color code
T30v, T45v, T45m Blue
AIR T30 Green
Duramax LT Money
Duramax and Duramax RT Red
Duramax Hyamp ™ Purple
Older White