Cutfire 100i plasma source with vortex gas technology


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Plasma source Cutfire 100i

  • Plasma cutting inverter with 100 A cutting current at 100%
    duty cycle - Made in Germany
  • Plasma cutting of electrically conductive materials up to 30 mm
    material thickness
  • Recommended cutting area from 1 mm to 20 mm material thickness
  • Maximum groove thickness 20 mm
  • Use on CNC guide machines and other mechanical
    guide systems
  • For straight, profile and bevel cuts up to 30 ° in all positions
  • For grooving, fine and hole cutting, cutting on the fly
    (edge ​​start) and marking
  • In the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and insulation areas
    as well as in steel and mechanical engineering
  • Stepless adjustment of the cutting current for optimal
    adaptation of the power to the cutting task
  • Safe start of the pilot arc by high-voltage ignition
  • Fully automatic power increase when
    the pilot sheet comes into contact with the workpiece
  • High occupational safety thanks to contact protection with
    safety circuit for the plasma torch
  • Digital display of the cutting current with setpoint presetting
  • Key switch on the power source to prevent
    unauthorized start-up
  • Emergency stop button
  • Compressed air connection with pressure indicator, pressure regulator and
    filter unit on the back
  • Saving of compressed air through cutting current-dependent gas post-flow time

Plasma torch Flash 101

  • Air-cooled plasma machine torch with vortex gas technology
  • Hose package with central connection 6 m or 12 m in length
  • HF shielding of the burner for use on
    CNC-controlled guidance systems


  • Selection of the cutting current through active, galvanically separated
    control 0 - 10 V (.11.034.812A)
  • Torch holder for clamping in a guide unit
  • Remote control set FB 1
  • Sharp protection I512 for connecting an electrical
    contact sensor for the CNC
  • ohmic contact sensor (electrical first detection) for
    potential-free connection between plasma torch
    (splash protection I 512 necessary) and CNC

Note: Power supply (24 VAC) and switching signal are required by the CNC

Price includes: power source, gas hose, hose package 12 meters, workpiece cable 16 sqmm 5 meters, interface 25 pin plug

Power source

CutFire 100i

Mains connection

3x 400 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz

Max. Connected load

16.6 kVA

Mains fuse, slow

25 A

Degree of protection

IP 21

Open circuit voltage

330 V

Cutting current at 100% ED

35 - 100 A

Marking current

15 A

Cutting area

- Maximum

- Recommended

- Piercing

30 mm

1-20 mm

20 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

710 x 280 x 590 mm


48.5 kg