Plasma cutting inverter CUTi 90


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  • Plasma cutting up to 35 mm material thickness (structural steel) with gas-cooled plasma torch
  • Use air as plasma gas to cut all electrically conductive materials
  • Central connection for the plasma torch
  • Excellent suitability for handicrafts, assembly stations, repairs and training centers
  • Suitable for straight, profile, contour, template and bevel cuts, for grooving, for hole cutting.

Power source CUTi 90

  • Infinitely adjustable cutting current from 26 A to 90 A for precise adjustment of the cutting current to the cutting task
  • Constant output power even with mains voltage fluctuations
  • Technologies: Cutting with spacer spring, with attachment cap, with bevel crown or with long wear parts to reach cutting points that are difficult to access
  • Safe start of the pilot arc with high-voltage ignition.
  • Plasma torch KjellCut 120 (length 6 m) with central connection, therefore easy removal of the plasma torch for problem-free transport in vehicles
  • Flying cutting and flying piercing are possible, a reference edge is not required
  • Automatic power increase of the pilot sheet in the event of workpiece contact
  • Filter pressure regulator (protected by recess in the sheet metal) as an oil and water separator as well as for setting the plasma gas pressure
  • Plug-in workpiece cable for easy transport
  • Operation on power generators with a power output of at least 22 kVA
  • Wearing parts kit as initial wearing parts (includes 3 nozzles, 3 cathodes, splash protection, attachment cap, 2 spacer springs, bevel crown, multiple key, safety key for central socket)
  • High occupational safety thanks to contact protection with safety shutdown on the hand torch
  • Monitoring of the plasma gas pressure and the thermal load on the plasma system


  • Circular cutting device for parts with a diameter of 100 - 1000 mm, including wheel trolley, which ensures a constant torch distance to the workpiece and enables smooth hand-guided cutting even when cutting free contours
  • Bevel cutting device for cutting bevels of any angle, e.g. for welding seam preparation
  • Plasma torch 12 m

Technical data

Power source

CUTi 90

Mains connection

3 x 400 V; 50/60 Hz

[3 x 440 V; 50/60 Hz (.11.035.508)]

Max. Connected load

15 kVA

Mains fuse, slow

25 A

Degree of protection

IP 21

Open circuit voltage

250 V (DC)

cutting current

26 - 90 A

duty cycle

40% at 90 A

60% at 74 A

100% at 55 A

Cutting area

· Maximum

· Recommended

35 mm

0.5 - 30 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

470 x 180 x 270 mm


17 kg

Plasma torch

KjellCut 120

Plasma and cooling gas


Work pressure

0.5 MPa (5 bar)

Air consumption

195 l / min

Manufactured on the basis of the EN 60974 standard

CE mark, production according to DIN EN ISO 9001

S symbol, can be used in workplaces with increased electrical hazard

Delivery time approx. 7 days