Filter system TEKA ECOCUBE 7,5kw


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The TEKA EcoCube series are systems that can be used for almost all tasks in the area of ​​filtration of smoke and dust.

Via a pipe system (not included in the scope of delivery) the polluted air is sucked in by means of the fan and fed into the filter section. This is where the particulate pollutants are deposited on the surface of the filter cartridges.

The filter cartridges are automatically cleaned by compressed air at the required intervals. The particles adhering to the cartridges are released by the blast of compressed air and get into a dust collector. The cleaned air is returned to the work area without any loss of heat.

The EcoCube can be used as a central extraction system for several manual welding stations, as an extraction system for welding robots / cabins and as an extraction system for extraction hoods. You get a completely operational system including the control unit required to control the fan.

Only the supply line still has to be laid. The main components of the EcoCube are the fan unit with pneumatics and integrated operating elements, a filter section including cartridges and a dust collection section. The housing is made of a sturdy sheet steel construction and has a powder coating on the inside and outside.

The individual sections are equipped with maintenance doors so that maintenance can be carried out quickly and optimally. The control unit is delivered completely preset. This control unit has been specially developed for monitoring and controlling the filter system.

The EcoCube is equipped with filter cartridges of dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69: 2008.

Standard Off

Standard equipment

  • Fully automatic cleaning via the POWER SPRAY system
  • 4 large filter cartridges with nanofiber overlay, 1,200 mm long
  • Rollable dust collector with quick release fasteners
  • SIEMENS S7 control
  • Maintenance doors for all operating areas
  • Spark pre-separator NW 250 mm or 400 mm
  • Intelligent eco-management
  • quick setup system
  • Powerful - up to 10,000 m³ / h
  • Warehouse concept
  • Spare parts management
  • Ready-To-Go 4.0
  • Interface for sensors
  • Can be combined with all sensors of the TEKA series
  • Longer service life compared to conventional systems
  • Improved energy efficiency, fewer kW with better performance
  • Low follow-up costs, no filter aid

Special equipment:

  • Delivery including step stool
  • Locking hooks and knee lever locks are supplied loose
  • Compressed air connection and condensate drain each mounted with a bulkhead screw connection
  • Compressed air connection with hose nozzle d = 8mm
  • Provide the system with an earthing bolt
  • Cable in UL version
  • EATON frequency converter on the left in the attached control cabinet

Use as an extraction system

  • with several manual welding stations
  • for welding robots, flame cutting tables or grinding tables
  • for room suction systems (push-pull systems)
  • in combination with extraction tables
  • as a mobile version in the shipyard area (special version)
  • when grinding non-explosive materials

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