MMA welding machine Jasic Arc 140 MMA


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The MMA welding machine Jasic Arc 140 MMA is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and a central PCB, which on the one hand significantly increases efficiency and ease of maintenance. This technologically advanced inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable and constant arc performance. The Arc 140 has a Lift-TIG function, which makes it the ideal companion on the construction site or assembly.

• IGBT industrial inverter
• Antistick, Arc-Force, Lift-TIG
• Hotstart for easy ignition of the electrodes
• 40 kHz inverter Frequency, high efficiency
• Compact, light, modern and functional design
• Robust Dinse connection sockets
• Very good ignition behavior, reduced weld spattering
• Automatic mains voltage compensation
• Optically and haptically Attractive handle and operating elements
• High-quality shipping packaging
• Welds electrodes with a diameter of up to 3.2 mm
• Suitable for generators * *

Input voltage AC 230V - 50/60 Hz
Current consumption (A) 15.5
Input power (kVA) 6
Setting range welding current (A) 10 - 140
Duty cycle @ 40 ° C 140A @ 35%
Open circuit voltage (V) 63
Efficiency (%) 85
Cos φ 0.7
Insulation class IP21 / F
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 313 x 130 x 250
weight (kg) 4.7