AK Industry und die Geschichte unseres Online-Stores

AK Industry and the history of our online store

Andreas Kaiser

First blog: Entry in the logbook - let's go.

The company has grown with the idea of ​​being a reliable and sustainable supplier for customers and partners who is there for our customers almost around the clock.

Well, we can't quite manage the 24 hours, but that was where the idea of ​​creating a shop for our products was based.

We come from the field of cutting and welding. Here we have the focus on the technologies plasma and laser, whereby fiber laser dominates here. We can also use other lasers, but our network and, above all, the customer benefit is much greater here.

That prompted us to summarize the countless offers and requests from our partners and to unite them here in the store. We only offer items here that we can sell with a clear conscience.

Especially in the field of welding, we rely on Jasic, an incredibly reliable partner in this area. Try it out.

By the way, if we can support, write us an email or give us a call. We are happy to be there for you!

more to come ...